• How to build a control Panel

    Here is a video I did some time ago and just released it to YouTube.
    I hope you all can use this information.


    Thanks , Mike
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    1. tucker98's Avatar
      tucker98 -
      good tutor
    1. choens's Avatar
      choens -
      Well done video! That said, I'm not sure why he does the strips this way. It seems like a lot of work. Also, it's 3D as the strips are off the board a bit. To me, this would mean that they might break or get torn off by little hands. I really like the idea of the template, the plexiglass, etc., but I think I would rather use racing stripe material. Just saying...
    1. rdgnut's Avatar
      rdgnut -
      Using Photoshop, I've created graphics which include photos of locations - stations, towers, industries, etc. and logos and others for decoration. And place name signs. Done full size for a control panel (still a DC operation). Had them printed at Fedex Kinkos, laminated on sticky-back, placed on masonite. Whole thing for 4 panels and signs was $30. And they look great.
    1. AllenK58's Avatar
      AllenK58 -
      Nice panel instruction and very clear video work. (I have also used the styrene and paint work to add pavement striping to roads and parking lots...another story).
    1. spiralcity's Avatar
      spiralcity -
      Nice video. The panel looks great but all the extra work with the plastic strips is unnecessary with today's modern laser printers. I find it much easier to mock up your toggle layout using whatever graphic editor you may own. Simply print it out, mount to a panel and cover it with
      plexi -glass or simply clear coat it.
    1. Chessack's Avatar
      Chessack -
      Great video and super helpful. You rock, Mike!
    1. Bob LeMond's Avatar
      Bob LeMond -
      Excellent video with some very useful ideas.