• Photo etched platform for your old tanker

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    (1) We all have this MT tank car so when a friend gave me a photo etched platform I thought about making mine look a little different. I think it was from Plano Model Products and was definitely for a later model tank car. Never the less, we can make it work. (2) I removed the tank, but you do not have to in order to install the platform. After stripping off the ladders, drill out the 4 holes used to mount the original running board so that a .010 brass wire can be passed through the tank. (3) Cutting and bending the photo etched material takes patience and determination so take your time and make it perfect. (4) Lay the platform on one side and cut the ladder so the vertical rails protrude through the running board. We'll trim it later. Now shorten the .010 wires. We'll do a final trim after the platform is glued on.