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    OK, I'll start reposting the construction photos here. This shows the basic Kato 11-103 or 11-104 chassis filed down to the basic elements. The Bachman greyhound bus tire (which normally is way oversize for anything) is on the left, and it is filed down thinner. The difference between the stock Kato 42" wheel and the 11-105 27" wheel is shown at right, yes, it really does make that much difference.


    This shows how really simple the start is; three pieces of styrene, one for the deck and two sides, and then the truck tires glued on:

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      MooseID -
      Looking good. More, please.
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      mariuszjj -
      cool keep it coming .... want to see when done...
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      randgust -
      I'm not sure who is moving this over to this article....but there's a full thread under the 'motive power/diesel' area where I was posting it.

      BTW, I did this...wow... about 2005 maybe?
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      daniel_leavitt2000 -
      Wow, zombie thread!
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      rsn48 -
      What scale would be good.
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      Graeme -
      Thanks, until now I didn't realise Kato did the wheelsets in different sizes, I have attempted something like this but found it 'out of size' mainly due to the rail wheels being too big. I will try again with sourcing the smaller diameter wheels.