• ATSF 2564 (CF7) Build Thread

    Hey All,

    I feel the time has come to undertake another major build project, and this time around I'm going to attempt the locomotive that got me interested in railroading in the first place: the CF7.

    I'm sure we've all heard of the randgust conversion kit by now, but I've finally gotten all of the parts together to build my first one... Yes, my first one... I hope to build a whole series of these engines eventually.

    (By the way, if you haven't heard of the randgust kit(s), see: http://www.randgust.com/prod07.htm)

    Anyway, I plan to document the build in the event that the final model comes out half-way decent... Stranger things have happened! Onwards....

    To begin, these are the parts that I've collected so far... A late-model Atlas GP9 Ph2, the appropriate long hood, and the kit for a single window angled cab model with the closed-box frame. My prototype, by the way, is ATSF 2564: http://www.locophotos.com/PhotoDetails.php?PhotoID=9805

    So, off we go! The instructions call for the long LED to be de-soldered.... so I simply cut it off. I plan to DCC this model anyway...

    The next steps of the instructions call for precision removal of the short hood such that the nose conversion part can be added... I just went ahead and clipped away with my cutters, carefully.

    And then tried to file the area to receive the nose conversion part...

    Unfortunately, my nose section didn't fit nearly as well as it did in the instructions... A characteristic inherent to the resin material used, I'm sure. Not a major issue, but it did require a new plan.

    I test-fit regularly, but I took a picture at this point to see how the cab and nose were fitting onto the longhood.... Not well, as you can see. The primary issue lay in the attachment of the nose section to the long hood: I didn't know how best to ensure that it was positioned correctly, so I didn't dare apply any glue....

    ** continues... **
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      MooseID -
      Looking good! Thanks for the link.
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      mariuszjj -
      when i order mine can use the instructions
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      Ridgeline -
      All, A huge thanks for moving this article to the home page... I'm humbled! Just to be sure, this build goes far beyond just this first post, and can be viewed in the thread here: https://www.nscale.net/forums/showthr...9-Build-Thread