• Lighting up the town

    Getting around to adding lighting here and there. Here's Harrison's Hardware in Rainy Lake with some lights. This is a built-up that fit in well for my little town. Just needed some customizations. I replaced the dummy lights on the front and back with a couple of those little LED Christmas tree lights (they look less stark in person.)



    Also added a grain of sand bulb under the awning and in one side of the interior:



    I love these LED Christmas tree lights. They already have epoxy over the LEDs, and just need to be cut up and painted, and fit in pretty well almost anywhere. And the color temp is just right too.



    Here I cut itty bitty rectangles of tape to cover the "lens" part of the light. Then spray painted them. Had to add another coat of black to completely mask the light around the top and sides:


    So far, I've only stuck them on buildings, but I'll probably try attaching some to poles next.
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    1. CaptAction's Avatar
      CaptAction -
      Iím getting started cannibalizing my Christmas lights.
      Looks really good.
    1. Mobile One's Avatar
      Mobile One -
      Superb! I hope I can find some like this around Christmas.
    1. grrf's Avatar
      grrf -
      look really good ender!
    1. ryan's Avatar
      ryan -
      Looks awesome! Lighting is my favorite part of any setup!
    1. Budviper's Avatar
      Budviper -
      This is a great idea, my layout is small so I'm needed extra
      things that will add to the enjoyment. Very nice!
    1. vatatuna's Avatar
      vatatuna -
      very nice job
    1. Ender's Avatar
      Ender -
      Oh thanks guys.

      BTW: the rest of this thread, including progress, can be found here: https://www.nscale.net/forums/showthr...ng-up-the-town
    1. TominToledo's Avatar
      TominToledo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ender View Post
      Oh thanks guys.

      BTW: the rest of this thread, including progress, can be found here: https://www.nscale.net/forums/showth...ng-up-the-town
      I see it's been 6.5 years since this thread was hot, but I couldn't resist....from that second photo it looks like you were modeling the streets of Toledo based on the large patches and uneven surfaces. When I get around to adding streets on my diorama, I'll be adding Toledo-sized potholes for sure.