• Con-Cor N 85' Smoothside Passenger Car. Interior lighting with DCC How it make

    This is my B&O passenger car set. After my modernization of Walthers Pullman passenger cars it's the next work.
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    And it is step by step how to do it.

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    1. Remove the wheels and make a hole in plastic bolster pin

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    2. Choose what current pickup is better (cars run better).

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    3. For springs around the axis use.008 x 8" Phosphor Bronze Wire from Tichy Train Group

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    4. Bronze spring soldered to the red and green wires (TCS Red/Green 34 Gauge Magnet Wire).

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    5. Set the wheels in that order.

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    6. Interim results

    7. NEXT STEPs : Choose the type of DCC decoder and type of lighting bar.
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    1. Bird's Avatar
      Bird -
      Very interesting.. what decoder and light bar do you use.
    1. mariuszjj's Avatar
      mariuszjj -
      well if u want to use decoder but if you use full-wave bridge rectifier and small
      tantalum cap in parallel u can use an led strip from ebay .... ant you have constant lights that work on dcc ....
    1. Antonio_NET's Avatar
      Antonio_NET -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bird View Post
      Very interesting.. what decoder and light bar do you use.
      Unfortunately, the quality of the Con-Cor cars denied me the use DCC decoders for interior lighting.
      The 1 FX decoder will be in the tail car for FRED light only
      Often I use functional decoders: Digitrax TL1, TF4 or TCS 1004 FL4

      After my experience with light bar from Kato, Wathers, FVM and Rapido I realized that the best light bar is that I can make myself.