• Wood privacy fences made easy

    Made some fences for the P&H today, you know, to keep the kids out. I was going to go with chain link for the whole thing, but decided to go with wood instead for the side facing the business district. Thought I'd share how it went...

    Rather that cut and assemble individual boards, I'm going with scored lines on thin balsa wood. This is from a piece of 1/32" x 3" x 36" balsa.


    I'm making this fence about 8' high. I cut a bunch of strips against the grain of the balsa, purposely using a dull Exacto so it may tear at the grain just a bit. Then I used my fine tweezer to score vertical board marks into the soft balsa.


    Next, I mixed a wash of mostly Railroad Brown, and painted it on both sides, sponging off the excess. I'm going for an old wood fence kind of look.


    Also painted some tiny basswood lengths to be the horizontal piece to keep it together. Here's my painted balsa:


    I glued fence sections together and added one of my basswood strips on the back. Here they are rough fit into place:


    To secure them, I'm using thin, flexible steel rods. I cut these from a guitar string:


    I used a needle-nose to poke the rods into my ground (foam base). Then added a dab of glue where the rod touches wood:



    I'll trim the edge where the gate will go later. Still trying to decide between chain link or wood for the gates here.

    So this is how it looks now:



    Now I just have to finish the rest.
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    1. Trentbradbury's Avatar
      Trentbradbury -
      Awesome....looks great
    1. pbechard's Avatar
      pbechard -
      That looks great. N-Scale spacing in the fence would be so tiny anyways. Your faux-boards and paint create the right amount of shadows to easily fool the eye. Nice work.
    1. DCUTTTING's Avatar
      Thanks for the article!
    1. Tred's Avatar
      Tred -
      Wow, that looks like it worked out extremely well. A heck of a lot better then I was expecting.

      Nice going, Ender!
    1. epumph's Avatar
      epumph -
      genius using tweezers for the plank seams
    1. Hoot24's Avatar
      Hoot24 -
      Can't wait to fence off some of the loud neighbors on my layout using your methods. They are quite a rowdy bunch.
    1. Chicago Rail's Avatar
      Chicago Rail -
      "Finish"? We are never finished, what fun would that be.

      The fence looks great and thanks for sharing.

    1. calenril's Avatar
      calenril -
      Thanks for showing this. This kind of detail really makes it seem more human.
    1. A-train's Avatar
      A-train -
      Can't wait to try this
    1. Ender's Avatar
      Ender -

      Look for updates in this thread: https://www.nscale.net/forums/showthr...nces-made-easy
    1. Boze244's Avatar
      Boze244 -
      Very cool, great labor-saving (& maybe a lil' sanity saving? ) idea!
    1. Taylure (RIP)'s Avatar
      Taylure (RIP) -
      I have some claboard prescored balsa wood I haved used by turning it the other way. It works good for fences. But I like the uneven scoring better I think. It looks very good. Thanks for sharing. .
    1. L.Ulrich's Avatar
      L.Ulrich -
      I think your choice of a wood fence fit the building better than a chain link fence would have. The fence really adds to the quality of the scene. Nice work!
    1. migalyto's Avatar
      migalyto -
      What a great looking fence! thanks for sharing. A technique I hadn't thought of.


    1. Allen H.'s Avatar
      Allen H. -
      Echoing the others words, Looks great! Thanks for the great little mini tute on the process!