• Train Order Signal from scratch

    I got one of the NJ International semaphores a while back, and wired it up as a train order signal for my yard tower. Of course, then I fried the bulb with the wrong voltage. So back to it this weekend; I found replacing the bulb with a itty bitty LED wasn't too tough.

    But Since I want this to be for train order signals, I also wanted one for the other direction. Since my tower is on a bit of a curve, I'm gonna space them out for better line of sight anyway. So I wanted another signal, and decided to try a scratchbuild, using the NJ semaphore as an example.

    So I started with the mast and ladder. Soldering wire around a copper tube for the ladder supports, and using a styrene (Plastruct?) ladder.


    Trimmed the wire to fit, and glued the ladder on. Also added a little base thingy and started carving the signal arm from styrene.


    Used small drill bits to get the holes for the lenses, screw hole, and light.


    It was at this point that I actually researched what these things should look like for my GN rr.
    Learned the arms should be squared off instead of pointy and painted red with a wide white stripe:


    So, trimmed the arms and kept going...I decided I didn't really need this arm to be operational, so I just installed a green LED in from the back. Filled all the gaps, and painted the mast/ladder assembly silver from a can. And then started paint on the arms.


    After painting the arms and finishing some touch-up, this is what I ended up with:



    This turned out to be a lot of fun! (go figure)

    I think these will help add more life to my yard/engine area.
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    1. 10-7's Avatar
      10-7 -
      love it ender I might try this one day
    1. jfornasar's Avatar
      jfornasar -
      Really nice work...
    1. Albey25's Avatar
      Albey25 -
      Great work! As usual, good scratch-built beats store bought. Plus, you get exactly what you want.