• Traveling Bridge Crane for P&H

    I've been looking for a long time for the right crane to fit into my P&H mine equipment company. After researching example traveling bridge cranes, I thought I'd take a try at scratchbuilding one. Since I already have various Evergreen and Plastruct bits and beams, I thought I might even have everything I need. So far it's coming along better than expected. I got parts of the support frame put together and just about done with the main girder beam.

    This is roughly how it will fit together:




    I'll be putting wheels on so the beam and the trolly both move. Luckily nscaler volunteered a z-scale truck for the trolly.


    I gotta wait on some of the assembly until I get that truck. Other bits I can start painting.

    Since I want the main beam to be yellow, I'm priming it white.


    I decided to add a maintenance walkway. Not too bad to scratch. I'll cut it to length once I see how much room wheels take up.
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    1. el_mejor_pollo's Avatar
      el_mejor_pollo -
      Great idea, nice work!
    1. kje3429's Avatar
      kje3429 -
      Great idea with the wheels!
    1. Ender's Avatar
      Ender -

      See more in this thread: https://www.nscale.net/forums/showthr...ne-for-P-amp-H
    1. Superman's Avatar
      Superman -
      Very clever idea and design for using styrene I beams. Looks great on the layout too. Thanks for sharing.