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    I found some new sites for modern house plans. They are easily converted to sketch sets and this will be the start of several sets. I call this one a "simple modern home", has a footprint of 3 x 3 5/8, and is an easy build. It can be done in wood but sketches are based on styrene thicknesses. If you use another material adjust dimensions accordingly. Paint parts before assembly, except where the edges glue to other parts.

    The building directions and materials are in the sketches, and to make your build easier you can enlarge them to full size and print them out. Read directions in assembly sketches before cutting out parts as you may want to change some sizes or cut fewer, or additional, openings. Included sketches are: Overview sketches, Parts templates, Assembly sketches, and PDF's.

    To print the part templates actual size, use the PDF's. Select best printer quality, set PDF zoom to 100%, and page scaling to "none" or actual size. Check your printed page to see that 3" lines are exactly 3" long. Once you have template printed, you can cut with scissors (leave a 1/8" border) and arrange on your material for maximum sheet usage. Part templates for siding are a mirror image, when needed, so that you can cut walls with siding side down (easier to cut). Be sure siding grooves are oriented correctly. Use rubber cement or Krylon Easy Tack Repositionable Adhesive to glue paper templates to your material and then just cut on lines. No measuring ! Paper comes off easily.

    Cut out parts carefully using a SERB and straight edge. The best way to cut out window openings is with a corner punch. It is important to follow assembly sketches IN SEQUENCE or some parts may not fit. If you do printable shingles, print them on full sheet label paper.

    With no interior walls, you may want to put curtains inside windows.










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      another nice classic design!
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      warnerj01 -
      Nice. Is there a link to the website?
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      subwaync -
      You mention printing out the PDF. Where is the link for the PDF? Please
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      JECO -
      Why does this contributor refer to a PDF drawing that does not exist, apparently.
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      There are 4 .pdf files at the bottom of this post (post #2). Ignore the dropbox sign in applet and click on "No thanks. Continue to page". The link is on the next page for one file.


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      All of my sketch sets that have been turned into "Articles" (not by me) do not contain all the files. To access these files go to the "Scratch building and kit bashing" forum. There you will find all the original threads with PDF's listed at the bottom of each thread.
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      Quote Originally Posted by gary60s View Post
      And here is the original thread with the PDF's at the bottom : https://www.nscale.net/forums/showthr...le-modern-home