• 1939 Ford Taxi Build...

    Moose hooves at work doing a Macco paint special on a 1939 Ford Taxi...

    The Fine N-Scale selection ... The mold details are not bad for the most part, but the material is difficult to glue together or to styrene, doesn't take paint very well, there's excessive flash, and the underside that is not part of the mold is slight concave. The wheels have a flat back side by which to glue them within the wheel wells; however, the front wheel wells have protruding details and the back wheel wells are too far inset. The result is difficult gluing of the wheels to the car and not the best appearance when done. Next time, Moose will try drilling holes through car & wheels then install rods upon which the wheels could be mounted.

    Attachment 81569 Kit comes with 3 Taxis & 3 Squad cars...
    Attachment 81570 Attachment 81571 Painted windows, undercarriage, wheel wells & running boards Model Masters' Flat Black...
    Attachment 81572 Attachment 81573 Brush painted wheel rims, taxi body and Moose hooves with De-Testor's acrylic yellow. This stuff flows like molasses, but doesn't taste nearly as good. It also doesn't dilute worth a darn. Moose reminded why humans avoid this brand...
    Attachment 81574 Gotta have white walls!
    Attachment 81575 Gluing the pesky wheels ... ... ... Oh yeah, superglue as modeling glue doesn't work well with the kit's material...
    Attachment 81576 Attachment 81577 Painting the bumpers, etc., plus buffing out the paint and getting a nice gloss finish!

    Ta-Daaa! The final product:
    Attachment 81578
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      Well done!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Realwally View Post
      Well done!
      Why thank you! ... ... ... Now, can someone please explain how this "article" thread got started? Moose not do it and was not even on computer when it was created. Very weird...
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      that last photo is a fake! it has to be a 1:1 photo of the cab!!! if not that is one fantastic job!

      Way to go @Moose2013
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      Quote Originally Posted by epumph View Post
      that last photo is a fake! it has to be a 1:1 photo of the cab!!! if not that is one fantastic job!

      Way to go @Moose2013
      A fake?! Whaaa? Never! Not Moose. Yeah know, Moose honest as [Martian] sky is blue...
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      Thanks Moose! I have played with one of these and found similar issues. Am liking the axle idea.
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      The "bumps" on the back of the fron wheels are there to make it easier to pose them into a turn. To spread out the rear wheels a sliver of plastic could be used to space them out further.

      But if you check the specifications of many autos the front wheels are wider than the rears. The steering and wishbone suspension are part of the reason. Sometimes, it was just cheaper to use the smaller axle from stock on hand. Ford was really cheap this way. Many times using four lug rims where GM or Others would use five. Six cylinder Mustangs have four, ones with V8s got five because of the extra torque. When you consider sales of 100,000 units, the savings on nuts and studs add up.
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      Heya moose, if you still have a few more of these to go you might find this tip useful; to paint bright colours (especially yellow and white) try undercoating the vehicle with a light grey colour first and then giving it 2 lighter coats of your final colour. You'll get a lot better coverage, resin is a pig of a material to work with if you don't undercoating first!!

      Have to get me a few kits I think ��