• Scratchbuilt CR N9 Transfer Caboose

    Last night I was researching transfer cabooses (again), and came across a diagram with some measurements! http://crcaboose.railfan.net/drawings/N-6Atr.gif (The N6 and N9 were virtually identical, with some minor detail differences.)

    The commercially available transfer cabeese are nice, but this exact type isn't available yet, to my knowledge.

    I've always wanted to build one, so, off I went. Here's some pics from the build, which I hope to finish and paint next weekend.

    The prototype cabooses were built from 40' boxcars, so I took the same route.
    I started with a Atlas 40' boxcar chassis. Since I am using see through grating on the end platforms, I had to carve away non-structural material at the ends.
    Attachment 82129

    Next I built the frame using styrene strips. I also had to lengthen the chassis by an 1/8", so the strips in the middle are holding the two halves together.
    Attachment 82130

    Next I added the sides and ends of the cabin. I'm using masking tape on the windows to get the effect I'm after for the window frames. I'll remove the tape after painting.
    Attachment 82131

    Next I added the platform grating.
    Attachment 82132

    I forgot to take pictures for a bit after that, but I painted the inside black, glued in a sizable weight, cut a bit of roof from a Walthers 50' modern boxcar, added some ends to the roof, and added the steps and various detail bits. I also began the railings, which will have to wait for next weekend for completion. Z scale couplers will be glued directly to the underside of the grating to get the correct height, since I filed down where the trucks attach to the body for a lower ride.
    Attachment 82133Attachment 82134Attachment 82135

    I might be building another one of these, so if anyone wants a more detailed build walkthrough with lots more pictures, diagrams, and parts lists, let me know.

    Stay tuned!

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    1. zosimas's Avatar
      zosimas -
      Taking orders? The V&A is in need of one for one of their branches with no run-around
    1. NellsChoo's Avatar
      NellsChoo -
      VERY cool!! I didn't know you had it in ya'!! :snail:
    1. gd2190's Avatar
      gd2190 -
      Nice work. Are you going to paint it for Conrail?
    1. conrailandrew's Avatar
      conrailandrew -
      Yep! My modeling time seems to run in spurts lately as time allows, but it's all ready for primer and blue paint now. Next time I dig out the spray booth I'll be painting it!

    1. jmarley76's Avatar
      jmarley76 -
      Nice work!