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    What are you buying this month? October 2021

    Too many boxcars at once

    Working night shift this week allowed me to be home during the day, and take part in a Stout train auction online.

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    My First Train set

    Gordon, Heiko and others have steered me to websites for information on various German locomotives and rolling stock.

    Take a look in my build

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    My First Train set

    Good choice to start with. There's a lot of used Fleischmann on the German eBay site if you want to expand, but be careful with the older locomotives

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    el Gato Gordo

    My First Train set

    This is good advice, though you probably will have very few problems using Fleischmann track. Just keep glue away from these turnouts. Not just the

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    My First Train set

    I have DB rolling stock and engines, too. I really like my Fleischman locomotive, it's a DB218, diesel.

    I love steam, too, and have two:

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  • Brick yard office - scratch building in cardstock - progress and how-to guide.

    Continuing from the previous post, the roof has simply been covered in a metal roofing texture, and the rear of the front wall has had a strip of card and painted brick texture applied.


    For the next part of the guide, I'll touch upon the similiar - though different - method used on large doors, in this instance a roller shutter.

    For this, cut diagonally down from each of the two top corners, but only go 1cm or so. from here, cut vertically down from the ends of each cut, then horizontally linking the two together - this will remove excess texture paper from the centre of the newly created tabs...


    ...fold and glue them back just like you would with the windows.

    The next stage is to apply the roller shutter door, front doorway, and a small open window.


    Apply the door and the roller shutter exactly how the windows were done earlier.

    For the open window, take two identical small window textures, and simply glue them back to back, creating a double sided texture paper. Apply a bead of white glue along the top edge of the window and press it into place at an angle, protruding out from the window frame.



    Moving onto the front of the roof, card and texture paper needs to be added to the sides, as well as the top to form capping stones.

    For the sides, card was glued in place, over which small rectangles of Union Hotel Brick texture paper was added - the white edges of this paper was coloured with a dark brown Sharpie, to stop the white edges ruining the illusion of the texture papers.


    The capping stones were made by printing out a sheet of N scale Sidewalks with Square Corners texture paper, and trimming it down like this:

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    1. Valinor2's Avatar
      Valinor2 -
      Thanks for the article. A friend of mine just introduced me to using card stock with model railroading but in a much larger scale. I appreciate seeing it done in N and the possibilities it opens up for the layout I am working on.
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      sid -
      neat gave me some inspiration