• Structure on uneven ground

    I've found the best way to do buildings on a hill is to make the building with a flat base and add a level foundation to the spot on the layout where it's destined to go.

    What I did for these foundations was cut two base plates from thick styrene (plastic signs.) One tracing the outside footprint and the other tracing the inside footprint. When stuck together and painted like concrete, these become the flat base for the building. Then it's just a matter of filling in underneath with some lightweight spackle.




    For more of a cement block basement/foundation, you could cut something to fit over that gap. I just went with a dirt color.

    The other thing I've done is set the foundation walls into the base foam.


    The challenge on this one will be getting that little gap filled next to the wall without messing up the wall paint job.

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    1. GNMatz's Avatar
      GNMatz -
      Makes complete sense, as that's what an actual building contractor would do... lay a level foundation into the terrain first.

      Cheers! Looks great!
    1. nittany4's Avatar
      nittany4 -
      nice work!