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    What are you buying this month, August, 2020?

    Order from Hattons arrived earlier this week. I think I had a chance to grab this set once before but it was gone before I could do so. When it popped

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    Article: Railroad Passes

    I remember when Dick wrote this. It inspired me to get on board (railroad reference) and make my own. I sent the first one to him.

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    Article: Railroad Passes

    I didn't notice the date the article was published until just now, whew, that was a little bit ago. Why did it get bumped? (Don't get me wrong, I'm glad

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    N Scale subway now unobtanium?

    Haha thanks for the commentary. Save on scenery? Kinda like telling people you have a radio controlled submarine?
    Actually there are many above

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    Paul Schmidt

    N Scale subway now unobtanium?

    Actually, you might be on to something there, [MENTION=10727]Moose2013[/MENTION]. Maybe several cameras. A non-traditional layout theme would give an

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  • Barn build

    Nine years ago I made this sketch set (https://www.nscale.net/forums/downlo...?do=file&id=36), but never got around to building it. I know why I didn't, I knew the doors were gonna be tricky. Thats an understatement (they were a real bear, and took me a full week to do just the doors). Lower main doors are the sliding type with an upper door rail and bottom retainer, while the upper loft doors are inward swinging utilizing duct tape hinges.

    Eight doors total meant 40 pieces of .015 x .030 trim that always seemed to find the floor instead of my work table. Persevereance won though, and the completed project looks pretty good.

    Footprint is 2 3/4 by 4, and if you have a farm on your layout with no barn, this may work for you. I don't have a layout anymore (downsized to a condo) so this barn is for sale. PM me if interested.




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    1. nscaled's Avatar
      nscaled -
      Nice job! Lots of amazing detail. I wouldnt have attempted it so Kudos to you!
    1. txpitmaster's Avatar
      txpitmaster -
      Very impressive! Love the details
    1. Paul64's Avatar
      Paul64 -
      Looks very good nice job