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    USPS Issues

    I've had issues as well, things are taking much longer than usual. From what ive read USPS is attempting their own version of precision scheduled business

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    USPS Issues

    Took me 2 weeks to get something from California

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    USPS Issues

    Thanks everyone for the updates. Its hard for me to get any form of answer from them as I am in Australia and not in the states. Not like i can give them

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    USPS Issues

    [MENTION=15192]Shannon[/MENTION] I have had issues a couple of times. The latest thing I ordered left Delaware then went to Philadelphia. That was probably

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    USPS Issues

    Yes, here in Tennesee I have noticed some issues with USPS in the last couple of months. The mail gets here, but sometimes later than informed delivery's

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  • Barn build

    Nine years ago I made this sketch set (https://www.nscale.net/forums/downlo...?do=file&id=36), but never got around to building it. I know why I didn't, I knew the doors were gonna be tricky. Thats an understatement (they were a real bear, and took me a full week to do just the doors). Lower main doors are the sliding type with an upper door rail and bottom retainer, while the upper loft doors are inward swinging utilizing duct tape hinges.

    Eight doors total meant 40 pieces of .015 x .030 trim that always seemed to find the floor instead of my work table. Persevereance won though, and the completed project looks pretty good.

    Footprint is 2 3/4 by 4, and if you have a farm on your layout with no barn, this may work for you. I don't have a layout anymore (downsized to a condo) so this barn is for sale. PM me if interested.




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    1. nscaled's Avatar
      nscaled -
      Nice job! Lots of amazing detail. I wouldnt have attempted it so Kudos to you!
    1. txpitmaster's Avatar
      txpitmaster -
      Very impressive! Love the details
    1. Paul64's Avatar
      Paul64 -
      Looks very good nice job
    1. Michael's Avatar
      Michael -
      Very impressive - well done.