• Aspen Trees - Step by Step

    Well here it is as promised. Sorry for the delay.

    Materials I used for the trees are:

    Natural Dried Caspia (weed) - I found these at Hobby Lobby for $2.99

    Off White Spray Paint (mine was Rustoleum Clean metal primer) - purchased at Walmart for $3.50

    Note: Get a gray based off white, not brown based

    Floral tape (any color will do as you are going to paint it, mine was brown if the paint wears off when handling it, it will still look ok) - purchased at Hobby Lobby for about $2

    Early fall foliage - I used woodland scenics. $3.99 per pack 4 packs. Can be any foliage depending on your season.

    Cheap hair spray - purchased for $1 per can

    Total cost of the trees - approximately $25.50 for 29 trees.

    I still have materials left over for more trees just had to buy more Caspia to make more. Bottom line is I will get more than the 29 trees for $29 when I add in the additional Caspia.

    Pictures of the Caspia attached. Any weed that can be made into tree armatures will work.

    The first picture is just the label. The second is the amount I purchased for the $2.99 and the third photo is a singe branch from the bundle.

    You may get more than 29 trees from a single bundle as I made the mistake of throwing the smaller stuff away from the first pack I purchased. Bad mistake.

    Important Note: Do not throw the smaller branches of the weed material away as you work to get your trees. These can be used for smaller trees and bushes.
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    1. Jazzbass01's Avatar
      Jazzbass01 -
      (Taking notes..)

      Holy Cow! Jim, those look great!!

    1. Newbie51's Avatar
      Newbie51 -
      Thanks a Lot Jim for taking the time to do all of this I certainly Greatly Appreciate it and am taking notes like Jazz and saving the pics and what not to a folder I have on your posts. Trees have to be made and yours look Great so the more variety the better I only hope when the time comes I can make some trees and they might be half as good as yours. Pete
    1. musicman's Avatar
      musicman -
      WOW! You are the King of Trees, Sir! My hat off to you. Those look awesome and your tutorial is so well written even I could follow it. Thanks!
    1. YellowBeard's Avatar
      YellowBeard -
      Well worth the wait! Thanks so much Jim!
    1. NDJim's Avatar
      NDJim -
      Thanks all. If there are any questions about how I did something please don't hesitate to ask or shoot me a PM.
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      epumph -
      Oh crap another guy raising the bar on me!
      Great Job Jim
    1. Michael Whiteman's Avatar
      Michael Whiteman -
      Jim, those look fantastic. Thank you for the step by step and the photos. That scene along the river by the trestle has really come alive. The only thing I can add for others following your example would be to add some of that color to the ground as the leaves begin to fall.
    1. Sincity's Avatar
      Sincity -
      Those trees are really "WOW!"
    1. NDJim's Avatar
      NDJim -
      Thanks all. Just hope someone else can use this to help with their layout.