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    What are you buying this month, August, 2020?

    Order from Hattons arrived earlier this week. I think I had a chance to grab this set once before but it was gone before I could do so. When it popped

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    Article: Railroad Passes

    I remember when Dick wrote this. It inspired me to get on board (railroad reference) and make my own. I sent the first one to him.

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    Article: Railroad Passes

    I didn't notice the date the article was published until just now, whew, that was a little bit ago. Why did it get bumped? (Don't get me wrong, I'm glad

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    N Scale subway now unobtanium?

    Haha thanks for the commentary. Save on scenery? Kinda like telling people you have a radio controlled submarine?
    Actually there are many above

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    Paul Schmidt

    N Scale subway now unobtanium?

    Actually, you might be on to something there, [MENTION=10727]Moose2013[/MENTION]. Maybe several cameras. A non-traditional layout theme would give an

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