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    Paul Schmidt

    Railroad Jobs

    I'd swap places with you in a heartbeat. How cool. ...

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    Tim R

    Railroad Jobs

    My dad worked for IBM. He was the customer engineer for the Santa Fe back in the 60's, when Santa Fe had one computer. One of things they used it for

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    Railroad Jobs

    I was only there a couple-three years and spent most of that time working on a customer service system called TrackSmart that was used to locate shipments

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    RAILNSCALE - SET 1-2-3 Rollers


    Novelty: N9596 - SET 1-2-3 Rollers | Row paving pattern with border and girder rail (Era I-VI)
    Avec les rouleaux 1-2-3, RAILNSCALE

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    African Pirate

    Railroad Jobs

    I road on the Durango and Silverton back in 2007 when we were in Colorado on a vacation. We have a picture of the 486 hanging in our house. It was a great

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