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    What are you buying this month, June, 2020?

    I wasn't planning to buy anything but this followed me home from the thrift store today:

    Paasche double action airbrush and Paasche

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    Sick of satellite ......


    I am like you although not quite as taken in by the internet, I'd be more than happy to go back to when

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    Sick of satellite ......

    As much as I would love to live in the outback outdoors , internet is surely one of the advantages of living in one of the most densely populated countries

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    Where is Moose

    Ahh, yes.

    Who is General Error, and why is he reading my harddisk?

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    Where is Moose


    Re: ...Chasing other moose's...

    Shouldn't the 'correct' plural of 'Mooses' be 'Meese'?

    (Just asking; English

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