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    What is your biggest model railroading fear?

    Thing is you can minimize the risk of fire. NG, LP or electric heat and hot water really reduces fire risks over indoor wood or pellet stove heat. Inspection

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    Weekend Update (12th Jul 2019)


    Thank you very much for your response.

    I've connected the Arduino with a 6' USB cable so I'll try the first option (centrally

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    Weekend Update (12th Jul 2019)


    Went down this same road when I did my staging yard. I have 11 servo's on each end and tried to use one mega for both ends. I tried

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    Weekend Update (12th Jul 2019)

    Well, I think it will probably end up near the tracks! He was quite jealous when I told him I was going to get to go to St. Paul and see the 4014! Funny

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    3D printing.

    I can build something supported if need be but I think I'll be OK with just 1/4 inch. Does the tops of the containers unsupported at .56".

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