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Leaving the site

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I apparently made a post yesterday that hurt someone's feelings. It was in the Blackstone Valley thread and about DC vs DCC. I apologized for any offense and removed the post.
After 8000+ posts I have been accused of "hurting someone's feelings"? In my 7 yrs on the forum I have never intended to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm not sure how the accuser knows how I hurt the OP's feelings?
I also got called out for continuing the debate over DC vs DCC. I thought that is exactly what this site is all about. Debate opens channels for communication about things important to the hobby. So, now debate is a bad thing and must be stopped.
Then my accuser said the most obvious thing - that some of us can't afford DCC and have to run DC. Huh, I didn't think of that.

I just want to say one more thing and that is thanks to all my friends here, you are like family and thanks to the admins for all the help and thanks Tony for hosting the site.

Good Bye

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  1. Huglthings's Avatar
    Well, I wish you wouldn't leave. I've only been around the hobby for a month or so, but your advice and insight have really helped me along the way. DC vs DCC was part of one of my threads you participated in, and I never took offense. Like there are thousands of different locos and variants out there, there are thousands of different reasons people choose to model they way they do. I chose DC over DCC for a lot of reasons - cost one of them. But that didn't mean I didn't listen to all the pros and cons first before I made my decision - and I certainly never felt attacked. All that input helped me make an informed decision instead of a spontaneous (and possibly later regretted) decision.

    Politics - blech....

    Let's all take a step back, take a deep breath and then sing Kum By Yah
  2. RBMNfan's Avatar
    I don't think you should leave. Everyone has a different viewpoint and we usually use that to our collective advantage. Sometimes it drives me nuts when you give advice and someone chooses to ignore it. But its your hobby/money at the end of the day. I pick through a forum about one of my other hobbies looking for treasures because of the infighting and name calling. Its like going to work- takes the fun out of it. I have not ever seen that here. I feel like this forum is great. All of us can either learn something new or at least see things that we never thought of before.
  3. dick green's Avatar
    Im the one your are referring to. Let me just say that I was feeling a little depressed when I wrote that. Ive gone through some major financial and emotional turmoil this past year. I was preparing to head out to my third part time job. I just feel so poor and frustrated when I read about someone with 150 locos and a garage sized layout. I was out of line and vented without really thinking about what I said.

    A Hobby ls a way to escape reality if only for a little while. This time reality snuck in.

    Gene please accept my apology and stick around.
  4. NellsChoo's Avatar
    It takes a big person to say "sorry", and since he did, I think you should stay.
  5. zosimas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NellsChoo
    It takes a big person to say "sorry", and since he did, I think you should stay.
    ditto. Plus it seems a bit sudden after you've been around so long, out of character maybe, i hope everything is ok.
  6. PW&NJ's Avatar
    Don't go, Gene. :grrr:
  7. grrf's Avatar
    Dont go Gene! simples
  8. pmh's Avatar
    Gene your experience and opinions are too valuable to lose. Hang in there with us.
  9. Sundiesel's Avatar
    As predominately a "lurker" on this forum, I just have to say that your posts have been of much help to me in my endeavors to get my model railroad up and running. (Thanks to the Atlas thing its still not running)
    So, if your advice has helped me out, covertly, imagine the large number of others you've helped out. Your posts are informative, well written and welcome.
    I for one, wish you would stay.
    But having said all that, I must admit to embarrassing myself by accidentally making an inappropriate post on another model railroad forum. I humbly apologised, logged off and haven't been back. So Gene, I really do hope you're stronger than I was.
  10. zosimas's Avatar
    He's not coming back is he...
  11. epumph's Avatar
    Thanks to all who took the time to reply.
    I don't know why I reacted so childlike and immature? I should have just ignored the comment and continued on. Maybe I was looking for some sympathy for my ego.
    I'm not sure that an apology is necessary. Anyway, an apology was offered and I accept.
    Please forgive me for being such a fool. This is still the greatest place for all things N scale or otherwise.

  12. grrf's Avatar
  13. Bryan's Avatar
    Gene, thank you for taking a moment, a breath, and reconsidering...
    I think you know that on the web, often comments need to be like water off a ducks back...
    Unlike many sites, this ethos is not regularly required here, and due to that fact, we tend forget that it might occasionally need to be applied.

    You're a fixture here, Gene... don't think you're getting out of here that easy
    Pull up your chair, and continue to enjoy your the comradery.
  14. NellsChoo's Avatar
    insert big smile HERE..... or HERE...... maybe even HERE
  15. REM37411's Avatar
    I wish there were a "thanks" button in blogs. I didn't see the post in question or the ensuing conversation but I am SO glad it was worked out. We all tend to let our emotions override occasionally.
  16. Tred's Avatar
    It sounds like two frequency levels intermingled at the same moment? I am glad all is well, for the most part. I am certainly glad Gene is still with us.

    And if I might add, I sent an email to a female co-worker (30 years younger than myself) who had taken my old job. I had just gone back on NIGHTS to ease the load on her, while she was on DAYS. I had done the job for 3 years, by myself. The job was very (physically) strenuous , not your typical female job, and I had my doubts. The job consisted of pushing loaded carts, all over the building, and not stopping no matter how sore you became. Basically, you pushed 1500-2500 pounds roughly 5-8 miles a day!

    As we began to get busy, she was doing okay! But, as we got to the busiest time of year, she began to falter, and lose enthusiasm for the position, she got lazy. I sent her an email, and (basically) told her I had trained her better than that, she knew what was coming, she could do it, and to just give it her all, finish out the last month, and the job would dwindle back down to nothing. Just hang in there!

    The next evening, I was called into the Department Manager's office. It seems I "BULLIED" this gal with my email??? I pulled a copy of the email off the computer, and showed it to the DM. She agreed it wasn't what she thought would be bullying. BUT, since I had been "written up", it had gone all the up to the Department Head! Ya gotta love the Federal Government.

    This incident has cause me to stop and wonder, just how thin-skin we have become as a nation? Really! I thought I had encouraged her, through camaraderie and friendship. I let her know, she wasn't alone. And this was the thanks I got?

    I found out later, she had family problems and will be leaving the position, soon. Yep, crossed wires at the wrong time.