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101 Uses for "Future"!

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There are probably 101 uses for Pledge with Future Floor Shine (I recently read or heard that Pledge no longer has the rights to "Future", so it may no longer be available in that product line. I have not heard who would have the rights to it at present and did not bother looking it up before I sat down to write this). The obvious use is using it to wax your floor. But we modelers know there is more to the story of "Future" floor wax.

Other uses include putting a gloss finish on your model prior to decaling, or mixing with paint to thin it and make it glossier when airbrushing. Plus you can pour it straight from the bottle into a modeled pond or creek to simulate water. Or you could dip your clear styrene parts into it to remove scratches. I've also added black paint to it and used it to tint windows on a model structure.

Well, I don't know if there are 101 things "Future" can be used for, but that's six so far and I'm going to tell you about a seventh use that I successfully tested over the last two days. "Future" can be used to restore your plastic headlights on your 1:1 scale automobile. Here is what mine look like now:

Before rubbing a layer of "Future" on my headlights, I simply wet sanded them with 1000 grit and 2000 grit sand paper I got in the automotive section at Walmart. I cleaned them up, then took a paper towel I soaked with a bit of "Future" and slathered on a layer. I let that dry, then added another thin coat of "Future". The picture shows what the headlight looks like after 3 coats. Before I started sanding, the headlight was yellow and you could not see through it (my camera battery needed to be charged, so there is no "before" photo). After I took the photo, I added another coat and it looks even clearer. I'm sure the "Future" is filling all the cracks and rough spots and making them glossy smooth. I reckoned that would happen and that's why I decided to try the floor wax. I got the idea when reading an article in Fine Scale Modeler about dipping aircraft canopies in "Future" to repair the scratches.

Now anyone that has managed to read the entirety of this blog knows that it works on car headlights too, and that there are at least 7 uses for "Future" floor wax! Not that I'd ever waste it actually waxing the floor...
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    Curious... will it yellow over time? How will it hold up to being sandblasted by road debris? I can polish mine up and they look a lot better, but the yellow oxidation always comes back again. I don't want to spend $250-or so for new ones right now...