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Ok so as some of you may already know i purchased an athearns challenger over the weekend. Ive been looking for one of these locomotives for many years and i finally got one. So as any one may imagine, I was like a fat kid in a candy store. Now ive been tracking the progress of the parcel since it has left and it was meant to arrive today (wednesday). Now at about 11am i got a notification about the parcel and the first thing i read is "incorrect address, return to sender". My jaw dropped and i immediately contacted the post office to see if i can get their driver to re-direct it. with no luck. So now I have to wait till next week. Im now some what now saddened, angry or annoyed, havent decided yet. seems as though ive been having some bad luck with things being out of stock and now incorrect address. Hopefully the sender will contact me asap

vent over
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  1. Gerry D David's Avatar
    Hopefully! Since been a week since this was posted, have you heard anything?
  2. Shannon's Avatar
    have a look at my new thread