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Gary Rowan

Pinnacle & Western Railroad

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Welcome to the blog for the Pinnacle & Western Railroad. The P&W is a new layout based very loosely on the former Rock Island line between Little Rock, AR and the Oklahoma border on the old Memphis-Tucemcari route. This section of track has personal significance to me. To get to my grandfather's homeplace, we had to cross the RI right of way. I can remember many times listening to and watching the trains go by. My grandfather, in his younger days, worked as a section hand on this same stretch of track.

Over the next few months, I hope to finalize the back story, and further develop the layout design.

Some of the groundwork is already under way. The backshop (workbench & storage area) is under construction and partially complete. The right of way (spare bedroom) is overgrown (filled with clutter). And the civil engineering work (layout design) is still in the development phase.


  1. zosimas's Avatar
    :woot: back stories are fun, I have mine setup too, link in my signature