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Herc Driver

A Goodbye To My Friend and a true friend of Model Railroading

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Allow me to say goodbye to a friend...a gentleman who helped me get back into this enjoyable hobby, encouraged me and my boys to continue, and always wanted updates on our progress. But more than that, a friend.

Bob was an HO and HOn3 modeler who would even build Nscale buildings for my layout. But he was much more..he was a family man, hard working, Bible believer, who helped so many others. And he had a story, one that he kept mostly to himself. Bob was one of the original Air Commandos, then a new USAF elite and secretive group that years later would become the USAF Special Operations Command. Known only to a very select few, some missions he flew are still secret, while others helped shape the geopolitical map as we know it. Bob was a warrior. And a man who shook hands with John Wayne after helping him film and coordinate the airdrops for "The Green Berets." He was the only man I could call who would understand when I needed help dealing with the sudden loss of my squadron friends that died in military plane crash. He understood. He had walked that path too. His counsel helped. His advice always helped.

So while his passing was a surprise, he won't be forgotten. We will remember him. And all that he built will live on.
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  1. Mobile One's Avatar
    Sorry for your loss.
  2. Janbouli's Avatar
    Sad to hear this , sad to loose a friend.
  3. Moose2013's Avatar
    Condolences to you and his friends and family.
  4. mosslake's Avatar
    May he rest in peace