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My apologies...

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I wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone, as itís been a while since Iíve participated on the forum. I have been pretty busy with work & life issues for the past several months. My job has been (and is still), very demanding over the last couple of months. I have been busy creating guides for our newest employees, for them to use their computers in their jobs. And, having to re-write some older work distribution guides and manuals, to keep everything and everyone up to date. Hard to do, when the reference material continues to change almost daily at this time of the year. I will be swamped with work through June, at least. Then it might calm down?

Most of this work was (and is) being done at home, leaving me with very little time to work with my layout, or anything else. I confessed to few members here, mostly by email, that I believe Iíve over committed myself to too many hobbies & interests. Not much I can do about life events? Even so, I do apologize.

Let me bring you up to date...

My wifeís son was selected for a foreign exchange program and went to Scotland for a semester, to study for Aug-Dec. He came home right before Christmas, so you can imagine how much time was spent with his return. It was at this time, he informed us of his engagement to his longtime girlfriend for a wedding in June 2019!

As a lot of you know, I bought a new truck back in Aug., and have learning about it. Still learning about all the electronic gadgets on board! My wife and I celebrated our 7th anniversary back in November by taking a 8-day cruise through the Caribbean. Beautiful cruise, great weather, and a lovely time with my wife.

While I had a ďworking layoutĒ before Thanksgiving 2017, it wasnít fulfilling my needs. There were so many frustrating issues with it, and it needed a lot of repair work to keep it going. It was fix this, and that would break. Then Iíd fix that, and this would break, or not work. So, without boring everyone to tears here, the bottom line is, I gave in and tore it all up! I have a blank piece of foam now. Instead of trying to ďfreelanceĒ it, I will be working from a plan. That is, when I start at it again. I hope to give it to my grandson out in AZ. That way, I can start a full-sized layout in the basement.

As the storm 2018 season approaches, I have been working within my ham radio interests and groups to get better at using the radios. Although I am not into storm chasing, I do keep an eye to the sky. Itís good to be prepared, especially in this neck of the woods!

I have tried to stay up on NSN, by reading through some of the posts when I can. But itís been a little crazy for me for quite a while. Other hobbies or interests have demanded much of my time be spent with them, too. I was made a moderator on another forum (NOT train related) back in Jan. That keeps me pretty busy.

On a side note, I must admit, I now have a whole new respect and admiration for the MODS here on NSN! They do a great job at keeping this site friendly and under control. My hats off to them. Not being able to devote the time needed, to stay current with my NSN members & friends has been getting on my nerves. There are so many knowledgeable & competent members here. I miss my time on this site. BTW-I noticed that my picture album has disappeared? Maybe it happened when the site was undergoing itís overhaul? I guess, Iíll have to start another one.

As far as my music career, Itís been pretty much on hold since my two carpal tunnel surgeries. I just havenít gotten back into it. (I guess Iíll have to put my sequin covered spandex back in the closet! LOL) I do try to play guitar once in a while, but I havenít done much in recent months.

Why am I writing this? I guess itís my way of dealing with the guilt I feel, in taking on way too much in my life, or over extending myself for the last 6 months or so.

I intend to change this. If youíve read this far, I thank you. If not, I understand.

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  1. zosimas's Avatar
    sounds crazy busy, but happy too, except the work part,...
  2. Jugtown Modeler's Avatar
    All the best Tred. In and outs, ups and downs are all normal.