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It's been a LONG hard Year

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Hey Gang... Remember me??!!
Well it's been a CRAZY Year:

Here is where we left off with my build.
I had been making some really good progress with things if you were following my thread:
(See Sig Line Below)
Then Life happened.
I lost an AC unit last summer, and that effectively killed every spare dollar I had to spend on the layout. It took a couple months to recover from that Then life the wife had some health issues that forced me to put everything on hold yet again. Another couple months of recovering. In late winter I began to do some light work and cleaned up some of the track areas and built some new things to add. I did an update post saying "Hey, I'm back and let's get rolling again."
AND Then... Life kicked us in the nuts again. The wife lost her job and we decided that had enough of Arizona and we needed to sell the house and move on. The layout work then became tearing down and saving as much as I could for reuse later.
Long story short. We sold the house, Moved to Las Vegas, and I am now in a position to look at something new.
It was a sad, sad day when I took the scraper to the layout and began breaking it down. I should have posted about it, but could not bring myself to document. So... the layout here is no more.
Thank you so much for all the folks following my work!
I'm back on the forums now that we have settled into our new house in Vegas. I am in a good place again and the wife is working, so I hope that I will be able to create something new soon.

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