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Modeling a cement structure with, well, cement

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Here is a photo essay of how I am making my Tree Top juice plant. This is a cement structure in the prototype world and I decided the model would look best also made out of cement. Here are the photos of how I did it:

Day 1: start with a clean mold

Assemble the mold

Pour the cement (I'm using about 40% plaster of Paris and 60% Portland cement - a tale of two cities!!!)

Day 2

After it has sat for a day

I remove the two smaller pieces of the mold exposing the underside. I learned rather quickly that these aren't fully cured and trying to remove them completely now will result in 70-80% breakage.

Day 3

They have cured enough for handling. The result

They need some clean up sanding (and sizing) but should look pretty good.

In two days I'm making 10 8' x 20' wall panels. One with a blank for a man door and two with each half of a 10' x 10' freight door. That gives me time for stuff like this:

Rail (and plane) fanning. We were parked at the end (beginning?) of the runway. It's a great place to see trains, planes and trucks (automobiles).

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  1. zosimas's Avatar
    Nice. Although this is something that could have gone in the regular forum under structures where it would get more exposure.