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Back on the tracks and designing a layout

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Restarting with a new layout. Going to use it to explore some new (to me) techniques for making buildings and scenery. Layout is a standalone 2' x 4' with an outlet for expansion. Hope to have some pics up at some point with its development and progress. May incorporate some sheetstock structures as well as kits with an eye towards refining which approach I find more fascinating and satisfying. Finding this site to be a wealth of info and ideas. The more I explore the more I find. Hoping to be a useful contributor at some point, sharing what I learn for better or worse. It's still a great hobby. Don't know why I stayed away so long.


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    FYI this is model railroad related and you can start forum thread post in Layouts design and planning section. Will get better views since the blogs are for off-topic and not many come here.