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It's Time!!

Now What?

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Hello all,
Now that AZTEC Manufacturing has closed John was able to mill some first generation Kato and Atlas frames at a reasonable price. Having a few F7A's and B's too mill are there any alternatives?
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  1. zosimas's Avatar
    FYI this might get better responses posted in the regular forums under motive power if you're looking for answers to a question.
  2. Arved's Avatar
    Define "resonable price." I know people who've had frames milled by local machine shops. I have a mini-mill and have done some milling both for myself and others. Recently milled a Life-Like DL-109 for a decoder installation for a friend. Tough part is always holding the part in the mill. Can't always just clamp it with a vise.

    "Measure with a micrometer - mark with a soapstone - cut with a torch."