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The milestone reached

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In lock step with U.P.'s 150th celebration, my "Golden Rail Joiner" was laid on May 9th. That joint was the mainline connection on the seventh looped "railroad", in this case the Alton. There are a pair of sidings to finish track laying off of that line, but overall I felt a sense of accomplishment.
Now, the next two steps for me is to get wires to several of the turnouts and sectional segments, and in a manner that will support the Train Brain controls I'm installing. I've found that the electrical switches at the distinct panel divisions aren't that compatible with an economic installation of Train Brain modules, so I must remove wires from those analog switches to the digital control relays of TB. That is a bit of a let down, but worth the change over in the long run plan. Trying to program around those toggle switches is not within my understanding at this time.

Thanks for having a peek at the latest layout upload!
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  1. lilleyen's Avatar
    I had the same problem (sort of)
    I found a solution at Berrett Hill.

    Hope this is helpful