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Tim R

Moving Blog Here (or Look Ma! No Helix!)

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It's been a long time since I updated my off-site blog, so I decided to move it here, where you can all nag me about it. Updated the signature file, and, to prevent moose prints on my face, here's a picture of the latest section of benchwork for the layout, under construction on my work bench.

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The roadbed in the front is in about the right place. This end will be a riser 2-7/8" high, and dropping at 2.5% to 5/8" high on the far end. I'll need some hill holders when switching these industries. The back is the start of the upper level, with the upper fascia starting on the frame work at the far end. Beyond this section there will be two separate decks.
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  1. zosimas's Avatar

    good, now get to work