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Devil's Gate Mining Co. -1

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I'm trying to get my ideas and 'direction' down before I forget what I'm trying to accomplish lol.
After the demise of my Moss Lake Lumber Co. in HO, then N, I was out of the hobby for a while before trying again to do a switching layout. I selected a BNSF Chicago branchline and even had a GP38, MP15 and SW1500 (BN with a working rotary beacon no less!!). But I wasn't happy with it.
My next venture was a steam railroad in the 1890s Colorado, originally planned to have 2 Climax geared locos. The idea steadily grew in size and complexity, 36' truss rod cars gave way to wood sheathed USRA cars and the time frame steadily shifted from 1890 to 1900 then 1915 to 1925 or so. This allowed, not only post WW1 USRA freifht cars but army surplus vehicles to also be used.
Ore cars were a problem. I didn't want to spend ages building tiny wood kits. A chance discovery on Shapeways of HOn30 Gilpin ore cars (The Gilpin Tram was a shay powered 2' railroad serving the mines and mills around Georgetown, Colorado). As HOn30 runs on N scale track, I ordered a single car to see if it was a likwly contender. The car I got is #6 and while it's a tough one to get running, a different producer made cars specifically designed for the MT1015 coupler and the MT truck pin. They wern't cheap but came in pairs so I got 2 pair, a packet of MT Andrews trucks and couplers. I also got some K brake metal castings and brake wheels. These cars are exactly what I needed for rock trains and an expanded fleet of 32 cars = 4 rakes of 8 cars each is planned.
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  1. mosslake's Avatar
    Locomotives...Being set in the 1920s, i had to research what could be suitable for a Rocky Mountains railroad so I started looking at what actually ran there.
    Two of my favourite railroads are the Colorado Midland (SG) and Colorado & Southern (NG) The Midland didn't survive long after the first world war while the C&S lasted to just beyond the second. Midland had a fleet of small 2-8-0s, as luck would have it, I saved a pair of Athearn engines 2-8-0s that were just what I wanted. I felt they could be improved, the cab sat too low for my liking, the smokebox too long and the tender didn't have room for a decent decoder, certainly not sound. I got 2 more, MDC engines, main difference is no operating front coupler. The cabs were raised twice, .060 thou styrene shims, smokeboxes shortened and Bachmann short USRA tenders slated to replace the originals. I also got some 8x16mm coreless motors to power them. But a more detailed post later....
  2. wombat457's Avatar
    Love the cars mate and looking forward to watching this layout come together