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Ok, first off, engines...
I have-
4 MDC/Athearn 2-8-0s and need another 2
1 MP 2-6-0
1 Shapeways/Bachmann Boxcab diesel, need another 1
That totals 9 engines. I'd like 10, tossup between a Bachmann 4-6-0 and an Alco HH600 (modified Atlas S2 diesel)

Engines, #1, the oldest 2-8-0, saturated with an 'as built' boiler. Smokebox is short compared to the other 5 that have been reboilered. it also has a rear sand dome and narrow coal space on the tender to aid in it's role as switcher. Original cab has the small window at the front, not plated over like the others. The smokebox front is just plain styrene sheet with an access hatch and 2 single phase air compressors added. Story is that the original front was damaged in a derailment/collision so the roundhouse came up with that front. The air compressors were moved there to aid in visability when switching. The idea came from the D&RGW K-28 front.

#2-6 road engines. 2-8-0s that handle the rock trains (raw ore trains) and the freight train. 2 engines (the Athearn engines) have snow plows and usually lead any double headed trains Athearn engines have extended working couplers so are ideal to have plows fitted. The original cabs on all 6 engines have 2 rows on .060 thou styrene added to raise them to level with the steam domes. The smokeboxes are extended to try to stop the lower tubes being clogged by ash (so the story goes).
All stacks are replaced with Detail Associates tapered stacks.
#7. A 2-6-0 is similar to the 2-8-0s in tractive effort but faster thanks to the larger drivers. It's usually assigned to the faster trains
#8 & 9 Boxcab diesels. Shapeways bodies designed to fit the Bachmann GE 44 tonner loco chassis. They were bought to try out the new technology and so far are successful to warrent another 'infernal combustion' machine. They share duty with #7.

There are 3 other IC machines on the roster-
M-1; A brill model 55 railcar. Resin body, still looking for a suitable mech
M-2 Mack ACX railcar. Shapeways bodyand undetermined mech
M-3 Bachmann DDT 6-wheel Plymouth switcher

Trains per day
Railcar from Devil's Gate to the junction.
Morning loaded rock train to the junction mill/smelter (double headed).
Morning empty rock train arrives at Devil's Gate
General freight from the Junction to DG. Also has empty boxcars if needed
Ore train (processed high grade ore) in USRA gons departs DG to the Junction smelter.
Passenger train from the Junction to Devil's Gate arrives. Also has any reefers not on the freight.
Noon freight from DG to the Junction. Mostly empties not needed.
Fast freight, DG to the Junction smelter. Mostly locked boxcars of gold bullion for further processing/refining. Load can be built up with high grade ore cars.
Passenger train from DG to the Junction leaves behind the fast freight.
Afternoon loaded rock train, DG to the junction mill/smelter (double headed).
Afternoon empty rock train arrives at Devil's Gate
Railcar arrives from the Junction

Phew!! That's a lot of trains!!
At this time, I just need additional ore cars for the rock trains, I now have enough cars for everything else....
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