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el Gato Gordo

Off topic humor

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In hard times it is important to keep the spirits up. In spite of that, I offer this joke :

Diner: Waiter, I would like a glass of wine.
Waiter: Yes sir, red or white?
Diner: It doesn't matter, I'm color blind.

I don't know how a blog works. This is my first effort. I hope others can add to this.
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  1. MoPac's Avatar
    I do see the humor in this. Me, analyzing it I see a lot of flaws with humans. Especially with the hard time we are facing. As with the blind person at the diner. If they were told and tasted the difference between the red and white wines. Which everyone knows there's a big difference between the two. He could have made his choice easier for himself. Just like People ignoring this pandemic. Thinking its like the flu. This separates the foolish form the people whom cares what is going on. Please everyone reading this, please don't take this lightly. Especially for the ones living in the USA. USA is now third in this outbreak. At 46,485 cases, quickly catching up with Italy and China. Hopefully the chemist and doctors will find a cure for this very soon. Stay safe everyone.