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Memorial in Corona times

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Good afternoon , even in Corona times our King pays honor to those buried at Margraten Cemetery. For those who don't know it ( I tell about it every year , it's my way of thanking ) 8301 American soldiers lay buried here and there are 2 walls with the names of another 1722 who's bodies were never found. The graves are maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission , the grounds have been lent to the USA for eternity as a token of honor and gratitude from The Netherlands . The graves are also adopted by Dutch citizens , they go to see them frequently , place flowers on the graves and try to have contact with relatives of the deceased . The names on the walls can also be adopted . The adoption was possible from 1945 , there has been a waiting list ever since of more then 1000 persons or families wanting to adopt.

In normal times the ceremony on Sunday before memorial day is attended by thousands , this year just a few , but our King stands and speaks for us all.
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