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Baby steps in Beaufield

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Hi again nScale!

Progress with the lighthouse scene has been slow. I'm waiting for a delivery from Amazon with some electrical parts that will enable me to light the lighthouse and make it blink. Who am I kidding? There's plenty of other stuff I could be doing but I always seem to go into a lull when a project gets close to completion. It's kinda like I don't want it to end. This lighthouse has tortured me for a few months now, but we've recently come to an understanding. When I get something right, it will cooperate and perform as expected, when I don't, it can be quite unforgiving.

Of course, everything has to fit into the back story, which can be altered to accommodate necessary changes in plans. So, that said, I should point out that the parking lot in the scenic overlook is unlined. I didn't give that too much thought since I have several sets of colored magic markers among my tools. Wouldn't you know it? NO YELLOW! Another reas....errr...excuse for a delay. On the other hand, the nice owners of Shiretown Glass sent over a few yards of their precious special white sand, and had it spread on the walkways leading to the doors of the keeper's house. The nice folks who live there now, descendants of the original Karrie, for whom the lighthouse is named, recently had some new furniture delivered in preparation for the upcoming open house to celebrate the tricentennial of the opening of the facility. Both can be seen here:

(Thanks to PW for that!)

You may also notice that the tower was repaired just below the lightroom. A couple of sheets of plywood were needed and they have yet to be removed and that area of brick work repainted. The good news is, I am not allowing myself to "tweak" the grounds anymore. Honestly, I could do that forever and still want to do more, so unless a cat decides to sharpen his claws on it, it is finished. Amen.

No avoiding it now, I have to begin scratch building the passenger terminal. I designed it back when I had a dedicated train room and a layout to put it on and I see no reason to change that now. Only the area called "Terminal Square" will have to be re-designed. I just can't include a subway on this modular layout. I may, however, have a rapid transit system on the surface. Decisions, dercisions!
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