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Does anyone ever really finish?

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I realize that of course, most people finish projects. As a guy who has spent a lifetime fixing people's houses for them, even I have finished a project or two. So why am I having so much difficulty with this station? It seems like every time I get close to having the end in sight, I change my mind and re-design it, or I want to "think about it" for a few days and move on to something else while I do. The good news there is that I have made decent progress on the city park that will be across the street from said terminal building. You may recall I had the trees ready and waiting from an earlier "think about it" moment.

Anyway, here's a shot of it, still not glued, just propped together because I still need to add some bracing, and resize a floor panel so that it will fit when I cement it in place. That's pretty much all that's left to do unless you count the roof, and however I decided to change that once I "think about it". Good grief!

Meanwhile, Karrie light has taken a stride forward. I had ordered a gizmo from Amazon which will make the thing blink at a prototypical interval. It arrived, along with a web address which contained a YouTube link wherein was explained the wiring diagrams for the various blinking patterns. Right now I am studying to pass the M.I.T. entrance exam so I can learn how to interpret that video. I should be ready in about sixteen years!

So there's this week's progress on the B Line. I've been working on it since the lockdown began and I have yet to lay any track! I do have some trees though, and the lighthouse keeper's have a place to live. Not too awful, when I think about it.
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