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show us your bumpers!!

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This was received today

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Tickford Valley Railway (London) Ltd

Chief Engineer's Office

30 July 2012

These Standard Stop Blocks are used throughout the Tickford Valley Railway (TVR) system and are provided here without charge, for the use of members of, with the compliments of TVR management.

Component: 1 x standard rectangular pencil eraser.

Use a sharp craft knife to cut eraser into a rectangle measuring:
4ft (scale) wide

6 ft ( " ) tall
4 ft ( " ) long (5 ft long (USA))

At the extreme Left Hand end of the long side, measure a point 4 ft from the bottom.
Draw in an angled line between the front (RH - 6ft tall) end of the Block to the back of. the block, to the 4ft point just measured-off.
This creates an angle.
Cut along this line.

You now have an angled block of pencil eraser which SHOULD fit snugly between the rails. If it doesn't , shave-off slivers on the narrow (Cross) end of the block until it does.

Location / Gluing:

Place at the end of whatever siding (Spur) you wish to stop wagons moving along - wherever a 'Bumper' would be placed on your layout.
Use Super Glue (CA) to fit the block to the end of the track - placing it on the sleepers (ties).


Paint 'block' as you wish, using acrylic tube-sourced colours for the purpose.
I use grey (for concrete) but equally have seen light brown used for the purpose. The choice depends on the builder.

Note: if you wish, you can put the 'block off the end of the ties at a skewed angle to replicate a stop block that has been knocked over as the result of some 'heavy' shunting (switching) moves. Where this happens, add a bit of ground cover to give the impression that the 'block has been there for a while and is all overgrown etc. At a raked-angle it can look very realistic.

Additional detail:
As an additional detail, you can put a very small eyelet on the top of the block so that it can (at least in theory) be uplifted and moved should that be necessary.

Examples of two TVR Stop Blocks at Puketeroto, Kereru Branch, Tickford Valley Railway (London) ltd

1. Stop Block on Shed Road, Puketeroto (1)
Kereru Branch, TVR
(Scale: 1: 148)

2. Stop Block on Shed Road, Puketeroto (2)
Kereru Branch, TVR
(Scale: 1: 148)

3. VERY battered Stop Block, Tank Road
Puketeroto. Shed Road 'Block in background
Kereru Branch, TVR

(Scale 1:148)


I have made and used these 'Blocks for years and find they are very realistic and easy to make.
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