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You ever wonder what happened to so and so...

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So I think I'm all caught up on recent threads and have started digging into the archives of old stuff. Quite a few people come in all for a few weeks, then disappear, like shooting stars....I just have to wonder where they are today and whether they kept going with their layouts.
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  1. NCountrygal's Avatar
    Hello! Spend most of my time on the Facebook nscale and assorted train pages now. Thought I'd come back and see whose still here from the 2009 through 2012 era. Finally got my nscale mobile home park done, entered it in some competitions, did pretty well. Also have built and sold kits to other n scale folks. Built some dioramas as gifts. Got my layout table ready to go, the supplies I need and will be working on that this winter. I had a computer problem back in 2012 or so, and all the photos on my posts disappeared. I can post some photos of what I've been up to if folks would like to see them.
  2. Cedarbarnbuilder's Avatar
    I am going to keep going with my layout, only not here on N scale dot net. Thankfully for my layout I did not listen to the naysayers that quickly jumped on my build thread telling me "it's too deep" or "you should not have track any deeper than 24", etc. My layout is 4' deep and I like it that way, have no problems. Like I said, fortunately I did not heed their negative advice and am enjoying my 4' deep layout.

    Also, tired of the disparaging comments about Unitrack. "Unitrack Users..." yadda yadda yadda. So instead of reading the negativity I am going to enjoy my layout and my layout build the way I want it to be, without all the negativity.

    Best of luck everyone!