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Thoughts on purchasing a new streetcar

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Hello all,
I have my eyes on a new Kato light rail vehicle, It's the Kato 14-804-1 Hiroshima Railway Type 100 car, and it just came available in late December.

So far there are no vendors selling this in the United States except for Ebay and Amazon. Even all the vendors on these sites are located out of the country (Japan). Has anyone purchased anything from Japan lately? I had a decoder order that was unable to be shipped from Japan a month ago due to postal restrictions, and I ended up getting a full refund for the item. The majority of the vendors for this LRV are in Japan, and I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a good vendor that they have used lately. Also I would be curious if you experienced any customs or import fees from Japan besides shipping charges. As usual, the stock of these seems to be dwindling fast, so I may have to act soon. This LRV is also available from Germany and England shops, with a much higher price, and I'm not clear on whether it will ever be imported and sold in the United States.

Thanks very much to everyone in advance for your thoughts and suggestions!
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  1. Albey25's Avatar
    Not from Japan, but I bought a couple of things from China a while back. It was through Amazon and the items (structure kits) came through as promised. In fact, they were ahead of schedule!
  2. Onizukachan's Avatar
    Model trains are considered toys and excluded from import or customs charges. Haven’t ordered anything from Amazon.JP recently nor anything from eBay recently but I’d expect delays of 2-4 weeks over the normal shipping times.