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Give a guy some snow and his railroad grows

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Hi N Scalers! I mentioned a while back that my business has been booming due to the quarantining and that has kept me from doing much to the B-Line. Well we had some snow recently, which shouldn't raise too many eyebrows since this is New England and it is February. BUT...this is a little corner of New England called Cape Cod, and we don't get a whole lot of snow as a rule. Certainly not like Leominster, where some friends live and where they got 18" last week when I got rain! Then things even out, I got 2 inches and they got only one. See how that works?
While the bad weather curtailed my working life, it really helped my model railroad life! I turned my attention back to the city park, and largely finished it! I finally settled on a design for the troublesome flowers which border the brick walkway through the park. All that remains to do is to add the finishing touches, and they are coming in the mail, so I have to wait a little but that didn't stop me. I erected the iron fence around the park and set that in place. Then I set the park benches in place and took a picture.

I've also been working on the terminal building. You've all heard me rave about DJ's Trains, right? Well I'm blaming him and his drone for this. I've been taking note of rooftops on city buildings, particularly on old city buildings. There are always a patchwork of odd colors, and they have little structures up there, machine houses, ventilation hardware and whatever else has to go up there. I've started on that stuff now. The roof is painted, the elevator machine room is up there too. There is also the beginning of the HVAC system. I am making the rest of it on my bench and when it's done and painted, I should be able to just set it in place. I've also started on the base for the whole station, which will include a bus depot at one side and some greenery around the foundation. Just for effect, I set it in place and took a picture.

In the fictitious fishing port called Beaufield, we NEVER get snow. We also never get rain, or even have cloudy days or cold nights. It's always summer, and sunny, and pleasant. But I digress...
A couple of weeks ago, Pam and I were running around doing errands when we happened to pass the Buzzard's Bay railroad bridge over the Cape Cod Canal. I've mentioned it before in this blog and made reference to the fact that we drive this way a lot. Only this day was a little different. There was a train parked at the passenger platform, about 150 yards from the bridge. Only, it wasn't a passenger train. It was the trash train, which leaves Cape Cod twice a day after visiting all the refuse stations on the Cape. Once the garbage is collected it is shunted to a place called SEMASS, which is essentially a giant incinerator. There, the trash is burned, and electric power is generated. It's an ingenious idea really. People are largely unaware of the tremendous problem faced by local governments with regard to solid waste. If one listens, he can hear stories of barges, laden with rubbish, wandering for weeks, looking for a place to offload it. New York city alone generates mountains of trash every day. SEMASS is pricey, even with "free" fuel, but at least it is addressing the issue. The train is operated by The Massachusetts Coastal Railroad. They also have a popular "Dinner Train", essentially a rolling restaurant which makes a couple of trips a day in the Summer, and less in the off season. They also have a Polar Express around Christmas time.
On this particular day I was curious why the trash train was parked at a passenger platform so I just walked up to it and asked the engineer. He was quite pleasant, answering all my questions and seemingly grateful for the chance to chat. The bridge was being held in the up position to allow a large ship to move through the canal. Part of the nice thing about being the boss, as well as being old, is that you can take a few minutes to yourself and no one can fire you. So I did. I shot a picture of the train sitting and waiting, and then went down along the canal and shot a video of the train going over the bridge, and then the bridge being raised. One of the bad things about being old is that in the bright sunshine, you can't see your camera too good. So I managed to have the camera on PAUSE while the train crossed the canal and the bridge went up. I did get a pic of it almost all the way down though.

So that's it for now. I'll probably add to my "Build" thread in the forums once those pesky flowers get finished, and again when I finish the scene with the terminal. Till then, stay safe, stay healthy and keep on N-Scaling!
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