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Salt Grass Short Line

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Hello N-scaler's. Bought a sheet of 4x4ft 1/2" plywood from my local home improvement warehouse today. Had them cut it down to 4x3ft for the layout. Will use the 12" drop-off for a controller shelf. Slid the tiny 24" x 34" continuous oval off its precarious table onto the new board. It is a start.

Bachmann has a simple layout expansion using two turnouts and a few sections of curved E-Z Track to form a smaller inner and a larger outer loop. Now just have to sell it to the boss. That will give me an inner loop short line and her an outer loop main line. That will give us both an introduction to working with turnouts while continuing to offer continuous running. Not sure we're ready for spurs, sidings and coupling action yet. Baby steps here.

Have a name and theme for my piece of the layout. As above. The salt grass short line will develop a theme of transporting extracted brine from the numerous salt domes along the Gulf Coast inland for processing. No terrain challenges beyond a salt grass flood plain for me. Leaving the terrain development up to Sharon.

Cheers. arnold
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  1. Albey25's Avatar
    Welcome aboard! It's nice to see a "newbie" who's older than I! I've been here for longer than I can remember and almost every new arrival is younger. I have to say it's much nicer this way. Seriously, if there is anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to ask. And keep on blogging!