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Salt Grass Short Line wintered in

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Dangerously cold temperatures at our Gulf Coast location have hampered any progress on runners under the table to prevent its shifting or from attaching a controller shelf. Both are deferred to the warm-up that will eventually come.

Meanwhile have busied myself working up a chart of scale speeds, weighing out the locomotive and passenger consist. I estimated my track length at 3yds, give-or-take. Have settled on a scale speed range of 22.5mph -to- 45mph for the 0-6-0 switcher. At a 15mph rate, encountered a bit of a intermittent jerking action which took away from the realism. 22.5 -to- 30mph seems like a reasonable compromise for the short track. Did simulate a 45mph speed for a 6min duration test. Did not particularly like the driver speed I was seeing. Thinking if I do schedule a regular to the interchange at that speed, I'll cut the duration of the run to 4min.

Regarding weight, scaled out the 0-6-0 and tender at 61gram (g). Passenger consist of a combine and two coaches totals out to a drawbar weight of 54g. Not having any other rule-of-thumb to work with, have settled, for now, on a max drawbar weight not to exceed prime mover weight. Will have to test further on that. No grade involved in my plywood prairie.

Good news. Did publish and fulfill my train Order 001. An extra using the 'Spirit of Christmas' as an B&B overnight and return castle tour. 30mph scale speed, 6min duration. Baby steps learning the operations aspect of N-scale model railroading.

That's it for now. Cheers. arnold
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