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Salt Grass Short Line update

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Greetings N scaler's. I'll try to put something up here on the week. Tonight looking like the weather is moderating sufficiently to finish work on the table base. Possibly tomorrow or at least for certain this week.

Sharon tells me she wants an elevated run with bridges and things on her part of the layout. Me still holding out for flatlands. Compromise on a table as small as 48in x 36in is obviously in order. Will present to her a two-level layout with off-set ovals. Took a 10in straight section out of "my" loop to make it smaller to allow for fabricating a second elevated section. Think it will work. No switches. But two trains running at the same time on different levels might be kind of neat. Pass under on my small oval will give me an opportunity to create two tunnels. I need an outside track length to take photos.

Did some timing to simulate runs on the shorter oval. At 80.6in total track length, I call it my 'short yard' for timing purposes. 25.4sec around the oval gives me a simulated 30mph. Probably my short line standard. Haven't cut a train order on that yet. Still working out the Time-distance thing to get it right.

Thumbnailing a B&W of the USRA 0-6-0. Me thinks working in black and white might work for the era.

That's it for this week. Cheers, mates.
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  1. Albey25's Avatar
    His 'n her trains! What a great idea! Keep up the good work.
  2. arnoldC's Avatar
    Today March 7, 2021. Rather than begin a new thread, thinking I can tag onto this on with updates.

    Active week with additions to the short line coming in the mail. Not so much track activity on the board. Did get in a couple of runs. More on that later.

    Norfolk Southern F7 and two freight cars 'with needs' off Ebay. F7 checks out well and is a great addition to the short line. One of the freights will be relegated to use as a trackside industry. The other gets brought up to spec as MOW. Awaiting arrival via mail of two sets of trucks and a package of knuckle couplers.

    On order also is sufficient track to complete Sharon's outer loop, along with a second power unit with accessory taps to power it up. Also completed construction paper mock-ups for the bird-watching pond on the short line and a tunnel on the outer loop.

    Ran an extra today. F7 heading up the three old-time passenger coaches from the Christmas train for a day of birding on the Shoveler Pond mock-up. Brought her back to Winnie Switch on a sunset run with the F7 lighting the way. Maintained a scale pace of 40mph for both the out and back runs. Duration each way 4min. Have a feeling that will become the short line speed limit max.

    That's all folks. Cheers. arnold