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Beginning my Blog

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This will be a blog about my delve into model railroading. Not sure where it will lead, or how many entries it will have, only time will tell.

I started with Kato Unitrack, purchasing the M2 starter set which is a basic oval with siding and DC power/control pack. Along with this I purchased a N EMD F7 Union Pacific Train set which included a locomotive, 3 mixed freight cars and a caboose. Soon I added the V2 Viaduct set, V5 Inside loop and V6 Outside loop add-on sets. I also got a set with 6 mixed freight cars. My son and I have enjoyed setting up numerous layouts with these. I'd like to add some more turnouts and a 2 way crossover but have yet to do so.

Not much later reading through the forums I discovered DCC. Then I added a Digitrax Zephyr controller and added a Soundtraxx KN1 decoder to the F7. We have gotten many hours of enjoyment from these.

Since I like Steam I got a Kato Mikado off of Ebay intending to add a decoder to it. So far it is decoderless, but I do love the way it looks slowly running the track in DC mode. I have a Loksound 5 to put in it, just received the 36 gauge wire I need to complete the installation today. More on this later when I take the time to work on it.

Next I acquired a BLI Mikado, SAL 498 with Paragon3 DCC. My first blog post was about this. For the BLI to pull I have added some random MTL freight cars, some of the MTL Universe collector's cars and a Galaxy caboose.

A few years back we rode the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Rail Road, round trip. Great time!!! This is what I want to loosely base my first layout on. This is why I like the Mikados.

My tentative plan for a layout is mountainous with a western tourist themed town similar to Silverton, Colorado. This will be on a hollow door-keeping it semi small for my first layout.
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  1. Albey25's Avatar
    Welcome to the world of N-scale! It sounds like you're already well on your way. Your decision to keep it small is a wise one. Too many beginners dive headlong into a full basement "empire" only to become frustated and quit. This is a great board if you have questions. (and you will) It's also nice to have a fellow blogger in the house. I'll be watching!