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When all else fails...

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The beauty (among many other beauties) of model railroading is that when things seem hopeless, it's perfectly ok to just give up and start over. That's what I've decided to do. To catch you up, I got back into the hobby about 20 years back, after a long hiatus which I wasted earning a living and raising a family. As my son grew into adulthood I found myself longing for the good old days of model railroading, so with encouragement from my wife, I began construction of a layout in the back room of my house. As a teenager, I had been in HO, but shortly after we were married my new bride, knowing I liked "toy trains" bought me a steam locomotive for Christmas. In her ignorance of scales, she chose an N scale locomotive because it was "cuter than the others". So I became an N scaler. A few Christmases later, she bought me one of those starter sets, with a Pennsy F9 and three passenger cars and an oval of track. I ran it around the table a few times and put it away. I just didn't have any spare room to set it up permanently. Then we remodeled the house and created the back room so now I had a home for the B Line. That had been my road name as a teenager, so I stuck with it. I built a layout back there, tweaked it, ran it, improved it and enjoyed it. Then, we remodeled the house again and my train room fell victim to the carpenter's saws. Since I was the carpenter, it was a conscious decision. I cut the layout up and pretty much abandoned it. Eventually, I got sick, needed a few operations and began to recover. I had time on my hands and a love of model railroading, so I came up with a plan to build a layout in modules. I'd no longer be constricted by size and was free to build my empire. I never finished the first module! The idea was a good one, but I had no place to store a completed module, let alone a dozen of them. That incarnation of the B line never saw a train.

My last surgery was a biggie, and I found myself unable to sleep comfortably in a bed, so I got a nice reclining chair and moved myself into the living room. My wife, who still likes to sleep close by, moved herself onto the day-bed I had built many years ago. A few monts later she said, "Why don't you build another layout in the bed room?" I didn't have an answer and so here we are. This will be B Line # 4, which should never be confused with Mambo # 5. But that's a whole 'nother story.

I've mentioned before that I like to watch a lot of YouTube videos. I get ideas, encouragement, and lessons in all manner of layout building. DJ of DJ's Trains has become a friend through these vids, and although I haven't shared this with him yet, I know he'll approve. The new layout will be small, small enough to fit on a double bed, but I'm hoping it will be fun to build, and interesting to look at when it's up and running. I really liked building that module, as well as the old layout but this one will have a couple of different challenges. I have the track plan, which I made with the help of ANYRAIL, a layout design program that I learned about from Ron, another YouTube guy. Thanks Ron! That plan is here:

I've built the benchwork and attached the foam top to it, and begun carving the foam to conform to the track plan:

So that's as far as I've come thus far. You can be sure I'll keep posting updates here in this blog.

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  1. Albey25's Avatar
    Thanks! And thanks for reading my blog. I sometimes wonder if anyone does. Tomorrow there is a train show in Boxboro MA. and I am hoping to buy some #4 turnouts so that I can finish the track work and finalize the installation. I'm not a big fan of dcc so that means laying out blocks and getting everything shipshape before I get to scenery, which is my favorite part of layout building. I also wish you good health and happy n scaling!