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Slow going

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Hi all. Once again I'm forced to apologize for being less than faithful in keeping this blog at anything close to a schedule. Mea Culpa! Real life keeps intruding, in some ways good, and in some ways not. I have made some progress on the B-Line this past month, but not a lot. Also, the most important step, in my humble opinion, is pretty much unseen. All of the mainline has power, and for the first time in 5 years, I ran a train on my own layout! That may not seem like much to you, but to me it was huge! It took quite a bit of tweaking and adjusting, but locomotives and an RDC finally are going the entire route uninterrupted. Then, I added more plaster cloth, some "finishing" texture and lastly, some paint. The mainline still isn't glued down and the feed wire hasn't been fed through the surface yet, but small steps, carefully executed should go a long way toward avoiding taking it apart and doing it right the second time. Knowing me, that'll still happen quite a lot, but any saved steps make me feel better.

This will be the passenger terminal. If you look at the original track plan, you'll see that it's not where it's supposed to be. Easy explanation, the sections of track that I had on hand fit better this way, and I am God in this city! My terminal building, which tortured me for months, took quite a beating while in storage, but I am not trashing it at this point. I'll fix it, or slash my wrists in despair. Film at 11.

Remember the lighthouse? That came out pretty good, and it slept safely in storage, and so it is going on the new layout. It won't have the grand vista that it had on the module, but I really want a spot for it here. It'll go in that "mesa" in the back corner. Yes, it will fit, and yes, it'll be tight.

The sidings in the foreground will service small factories, including Beaufield Ice, Inc. That is based on an actual ice making plant in New Bedford, MA. Beaufield, being a major fishing and scalloping port, would naturally have a great demand for ice. There will be a canal connecting the plant to the sea, where the fishing boats can get iced. See? It's all part of my great plan.

Like I said, progress has been slow, but at least I'm not tearing it down and starting over. Of course, tomorrow is another day.
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