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My Model Railroads

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So I've not been back to for a while. Its been pretty hectic but I have been making progress on my N scale layouts. I thought I was at a point now that I have some things worthwhile to share. It may be greedy but I'm building 3 different layouts.

1. A small learning layout for my British stock 'Aberffilli' A fictional South Wales simple. I'm finally at the point where I can run trains and scenics is well underway! (DC)

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2. I'm going to build a long
but simple double track european (although quite generic) layout to run long passenger trains (with the occasional long US steam train!). This is at the point where the subroadbed is mostly done, track is acquired and I'm ready to lay track and wire it up (DC)

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3. An end to end Canadian layout (the Nova Scotia South Shore) that has the basic benchwork done (its a shelf above the passenger layout) (DCC)

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Hoping to keep this blog a bit more up to date as I build more. Having Aberffilli at the point of running and detailing has been super motivating!